Vultures Gathering signs to Roxx Records

Vultures Gathering signs to Roxx Records


The time has come to unveil the latest Roxx Records signing that we are totally stoked about. Join us today as we welcome to the official roster VULTURES GATHERING

VULTURES GATEHRING features an amazing line up of musicians, starting with the vocal talents Chaz Bond of Biogenesis, Letters to the Blind and Jacob's Dream, Ryan Roebuck of Motivik and Ritual Servant, and Malaysian Metal artist André Chiang of Shamash, Necromanicide and Tritunggal

So how would you describe the new music of this all star cast? Melodic metal, with a 'no-compromise' message. Seeking to be harbingers in these troubling times. Once again, this new project seeks to redefine the genre boundaries of Melodic Metal, Gothenburg Metal, Power Metal and classic Thrash Metal.

The band is currently working on its debut full length album, which will lead off with the very timely track and single “America” coming your way very soon. For now please welcome… VULTURES GATHERING