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TRUE STRENGTH is honored to announce that their third full-length studio album, Sanguinary Vivification, will be released on April 19th, 2019 (Good Friday) in both CD and digital format through ROXX RECORDS! Fans of bands like Sacred Warrior, HammerFall, Warlord, Iron Maiden, Bloodgood, Bride, Journey, Megadeth, Queensrÿche, Deep Purple, Kamelot, Sabaton, Thin Lizzy and Rhapsody of Fire will absolutely love TRUE STRENGTH's new release! Sanguinary Vivification track listing: “Immanuel” “Man Of Sorrows”  “Silent Before The Shearers” “His Blood Is On Us” “The Punishment That Brought Us Peace” “By His Wounds We Are Healed” “A Grave Among The Rich And The...

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