Vengeance ‘Human Sacrifice’ box set details

Vengeance ‘Human Sacrifice’ box set details


‘Human Sacrifice’

35th Anniversary

Well all of our teasers have been driving you crazy, we apologize, but you’re going to love this one! Here is some more info!

This Wednesday at 7am PST we will drop a new video for all to see the full details!

This Friday at 7am PST sharp pre orders will go live! There are limited amounts of each item and there is no favoritism anywhere, you have plenty of time to plan.

Sets will be sold in order of the time of your order while supplies last! We are not holding any back or saving any! You MUST purchase from the store for tracking purposes!

This is a ROXX Records Exclusive

Limit of one copy of each item per person!


Additional copies purchased WILL be refunded!

Stay tuned this Wednesday as we unveil the whole thing and celebrate 35 years of one of the most iconic Christian thrash bands around!