VENGEANCE - 'Human Sacrifice' 35th Anniversary Box Sets Unveiled!

VENGEANCE - 'Human Sacrifice' 35th Anniversary Box Sets Unveiled!




JULY 26, 2023


Well there is no need to go in to a lot of detail in this new press release as we celebrate the 35th anniversary of one of the most iconic Christian thrash albums of all time, because what you are about to read and hopefully be able to obtain for your collections is the be all end all, everything you wanted to know about HUMAN SACRIFICE all wrapped up in to one beautiful package. Let ‘s jump right into it.

Roxx Records is taking this one to the extreme with no expense spared as we look back and celebrate what has arguably become the stepping stone for all other Christian thrash, speed and even death metal releases that have come after it... VENGEANCE ‘HUMAN SACRIFICE’

This time we have two brand new beautiful fully licensed products coming your way, but with a very special twist. For starters we have a brand new 35th anniversary ultimate remaster CD commemorating this year’s special anniversary. This new CD is limited to a one time 300 piece pressing only. And for an extra special item this year we bring you the first ever fully remastered 35th anniversary limited edition ‘RED’ cassette tape edition of Human Sacrifice limited to only 200 copies. But we are just getting started folks.

We are about to bring you several truly limited edition packages that you are not going to want to miss out on! Starting with a beautiful Limited Edition box set, limited to only 100 pieces worldwide. Packaged in a beautiful 2-piece lift-off lid box, the Deluxe Edition is set to include, vinyl, 2 cd’s, a cassette tape, a 12 page commemorative booklet and more, complete with certificate of authenticity.

But wait there’s even more there will be another Deluxe edition limited to only 20 copies that is almost the same as the first box set, minus the vinyl and a couple of other items. Not enough yet? There will be a special bundle pack hand numbered and limited to only 50 copies containing the new 35th anniversary remastered cd, the limited edition commemorative booklet, a 35th anniversary poster and a limited edition human sacrifice trading card.

Never in the history of the Christian metal music ministry has there been a box set to this level or degree, it is a worthy tribute to one of the most significant game changer bands in the history of the Christian metal music scene. For complete package details and photos please visit the individual store items for each respective product.

After assembling all these beautiful packages we will have ONLY 50 stand alone cassette tapes that will be made available for sale to the public outside of these box sets, each will come with a limited edition trading card. Also, after assembling these limited edition box sets we will only have LESS THAN 100 copies of the special 35th anniversary CD remaining to go out to the public, each also coming with a limited edition trading card. For full details and contents of each set see the individual store listings, or watch this brand new video.

Now here are the rules. Given the true limited availability of these box sets and remaining stock these items will not be available anywhere else outside of Roxx and EACH item is limited to only 1 copy per person. Additional copies will be cancelled and refunded. We want to make sure every fan gets one of these that truly wants one and they do not get flipped on the resellers markets.

Pre orders will launch promptly on July 28th at 7am PST and product will start shipping almost immediately and be distributed by number in the time your order was received.

Get ready to celebrate this truly landmark album and have what will surely become one of the most sought after collectibles for years to come.