Dissident Voices, Veil Of Deception -

Veil of Deception (Update)

In December 2018 we announced that No Life Til Metal Records had signed Austria's very own VEIL OF DECEPTION. The band is HEAVY METAL with comparisons to Flotsam & Jetsam, Fates Warning, Anthrax and Black Sabbath. The album, which is scheduled to be released in April of 2019 will be the band's follow-up to their critically acclaimed sophomore release "Tearing Up the Roots".

The highly anticipated third album will be cleverly titled “Dissident Voices”. As usual, it will be as heavy, memorable, and soulful as ever. As with their last album, "Dissident Voices" will be a brilliant combination of metal styles, moods, vibes and of course Daniel Gallar’s classic metal vocal approach. NoLifeTilMetal and Veil of Deception now want to unleash the album cover onto the metal world.

Stay Tuned to Roxx Productions website (www.roxxproductions.com) and the No Life Til Metal Records store (www.nolifetilmetalrecords.com) to watch for special pre order packages coming your way very soon. Be sure to like Veil of Deception on Facebook and spread the word!