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Roxx Productions Update (May 2019)

The next No Life Til Metal Records releases are being pressed now! The brand new album from HELIX will be available on vinyl in a VERY limited pressing! Only 150 in the US, 50 on a super limited edition colored vinyl and 100 on black vinyl.

Also we just got back from the studio having some very rare reels from classic rockers MASS converted for the very first time as we work on finishing up the limited edition Fighter reissue. Fighter will be on a limited edition first time on vinyl and a limited edition CD with added bonus tracks previously unreleased and lost in the band archives. This one will be killer!

Lastly Red Sea is also at the press for our Roxx Records fans. This one is also coming out beautiful and will be on vinyl for the first time ever and on a remastered CD with beautiful updated artwork. A true Christian Metal rarity here is coming back to life for the world to fall in love with all over again!

Watch closely for pre order info on all of these titles in the coming weeks!


On a sneak peak we also had the privilege of obtaining some very RARE master tapes from the Frontline / Intense Records archives. Enough for several brand new projects we will be overseeing through the next year! ALL have been converted from the master tapes and we will be sharing more as time goes on! I know its a tease, and its something that we have not talked about to anyone before, so you will have to stay tuned for more info later this year.

Lastly, we have heard your concerns and complaints (LOL) we are just as tired of the Storenvy charges as you are! We are in the middle of adding a BRAND NEW STORE where all three of our shops will be combined, and NO MORE added fees for you (or us) Stay Tuned we hope to bring this to you by the end of May!