Signed: The Reconciled

Christian Metal fans are you ready for what just may prove to be the best collaboration coming your way next year in 2022? We sure hope you are as excited about this one as we are!

What do you get when you take the lead singer from one of Christian Metal’s most respected singers and add in the music and musicianship of one of the pioneers of rap metal?

Please join us in welcoming The Reconciled to the Roxx Records line up of artists as we prepare to bring you the debut release from this legendary duo featuring Todd Stevens (XL & DBD) and the one and only Dale Thompson (Bride)

Let’s hear exactly how this project came to be directly from Todd himself….

“I had asked Dale in April of 2020 if you he wanted to do a project. First thing I did was send him a song from the XL and DBD release ‘Beginning of Closure’ to see what he thought about it. He was very impressed with the musicianship and agreed to be a part of a new project with me when time permitted in our schedules.”

“Long story short, at that point in 2020 everything hit me like a ton of bricks. My equipment started fouling up on me and I just had to sit things out. It wasn’t until October 2021 that I knew I would be in a position to record again. When I knew that was gonna happen, I immediately asked Dale if he was ready and still interested in recording an album, to which he said yes. That was it, and it was off to the races for me from there, writing material and recording songs for him to sing on. We are both very excited about this project, and I personally am very happy to be working with an icon in the Christian metal scene, one I have looked up to since I was a teenager.”

Are you ready for this? The Reconciled is eager to present you with their debut album coming your way this Winter in early 2022 as they bring you ‘Skin and Bones’, 12 rocking songs from Dale Thompson and XL.

Stay tuned as we prepare to bring you another killer year of Christian rock and metal at Roxx Records