Roxx Records to release 'The Lost Disciple' January 26th

Roxx Records to release 'The Lost Disciple' January 26th

Roxx Records did it again to kick off the new year! We found a long lost classic Christian metal album that was screaming for a remaster and reissue. 

Coming your way from way down under, hailing from Australia we reached out to the members of.... DISCIPLE

No not that Disciple, this Disciple actually came first, but was very short lived unfortunately given the music and talent we see here today. So now we must revisit this long lost classic from 1988, from 36 long years ago, as we remaster and restore the bands classic 'cassette tape' only release 'Sacred Knights'. But that's not all...

Roxx Records is excited to bring you 'The Lost Disciple' by Australian rockers DISCIPLE a 12 track limited edition CD pressing featuring the original 9 tracks from their one and only cassette tape release 'Sacred Knights'. We also have here three additional tracks to round out the recorded history of this classic band. Tracks 10 and 11 are from their 7" only record which contained two tracks that were sort of a pre release for what should have been the bands second release, which would unfortunately never come to fruition. Lastly track 12 is the last recording and a previously unreleased track entitled 'No More Losin'' which rounds out this beautiful 12 track release. 

This release has been beautifully laid out with new cover art courtesy of NoLifeTilMetal Graphics, and an amazing new remaster from Bombworks Sound. 

Listen Now:

This limited edition release is the first time any of the bands music has ever been released on CD and this pressing is limited to only 300 pieces. 

Track Listing

Sacred Knights (Demo Cassette Only Release)

1. Always On My Mind
2. Don’t Give Up
3. Sacred Knights
4. Meant To Be
5. Victory
6. Power and Glory
7. Never Too Far Gone
8. The Only Love
9. Kingdom Of The Lord

7” Single
10. I Wanna See ‘Em There
11. The Foot Of The Cross

Bonus Track
12. No More Losin’