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Roxx Productions Update (Feb 2019)


Fear Not - The EP is about to drop, the new single has been getting lots of airplay and the pre sale is going very well! We ran out of buttons but ran more to make sure you get one! Pre orders start shipping next week!

Ritual Servant - The debut album from a brand new band with that classic old school thrash sound is upon us. Slayer fans are gonna LOVE this one. This thing smokes and is destined to be a heavy hitter this year on the Christian Metal circuit. Get in on the pre order now and get a limited edition sticker with purchase.

Lovewar - That's right we just signed on with Lovewar to release the bands brand new album! Stay tuned more info coming soon!

Holy Soldier and Love Life vinyl and CD reissues to drop this coming Record Store Day! Stay Tuned for full release details.


Emerald fans rejoice we just acquired the LAST vinyl copies of this very cool collectible vinyl and some of the last CDs as well. Act fast on this one, it will be the last ones we get!

Also just added pre orders for Shout , new release from Les Carlsen , Philadelphia , N.O.G , Frosthardr , BoGenesis and more!


Up next on No Life Til Metal Records we have a very cool release coming your way!

Heathen's Rage fans are gonna be stoked! We will be releasing a long lost live concert from the band on a limited edition CD format entitled 'Knights at Switlik' but that's not all.

Heathen's Rage fans get ready for this, we will be releasing a very limited edition book entitled 'Rage Day's featuring a slew of unreleased photos and stories from the members of the band. A truly rare look in to the history of this classic metal band. This will be a one time limited edition printing. Stay Tuned.