Ritual Servant second limited edition 7” launched

Ritual Servant second limited edition 7” launched


Contact: bill@roxxproductions.com

In case you’ve been living under a rock this year, you have undoubtedly heard some of the killer new Christian thrash metal being put out by the one and only Ritual Servant, one of the premiere thrash bands in the genre right now, but let’s do a quick review!

Earlier this year we released the first of four limited edition 7” singles entitled ‘Veritas’ which included the single “Hearers and Doers” and “Into The Swine”

Hearers and Doers Single: https://youtu.be/7ZsugX6wsgo

The band has already finished recording the second and third 7” singles ‘Misericordiae’ and ‘Opinione’ and released these two digital singles as a result.

Whitewashed Tomb Single from ‘Misericordiae’: https://youtu.be/At6N9A4jdPQ

Lazarus Single from ‘Opinione’: https://youtu.be/SgkyQROaA5o

The band was also featured with their song ‘Hearers and Doers’ on the Roxx Records CD only compilation ‘Preachers of the Underground Volume I and their single ‘Lazarus’ was recently featured on the limited edition CD only compilation ‘All Hallows Eve - We Love Hating Evil’. Let’s just say these guys have been very busy!

Today we are very excited to launch the second limited edition 7” entitled ‘Misericordiae’ remember all four of these singles when completed will make one beautiful piece of art!

Head over to Roxx Records today to secure your copy at the very special pre order price of $10.99 until release day!

Pre orders are live now with a release date scheduled for October 28, 2022