RITUAL SERVANT prepared to bring Fire & Brimstone

RITUAL SERVANT prepared to bring Fire & Brimstone



DATE: MARCH 22, 2023

Roxx Records is prepared to shake the foundation walls of hell, and release many tormented souls currently walking across this scarred earth. This next release with its brazen lyrical assault, and no holds barred message of the gospel is going to bring it to you in a way that no other Christian Metal artist can.  This May get ready as we unleash the brand new full length album from… RITUAL SERVANT

We are excited to be bringing you the highly anticipated sophomore release from one of the boldest bands you will ever hear as they bring the thrash like only they can. First lets rewind to March 29, 2019 and the debut full length release of METALLUM EVANGELII which was released to much critical and fan acclaim, almost exactly 4 years ago this month! This album was well received all over the world and has been a constant request for us here at Roxx Records. One of the most asked questions of us this past year or longer has been when is the next album coming out!

Ask no more, and get ready as the devil is shaking in his boots right now. May 19, 2023 we will unleash this mighty evangelical release that is sure to turn a few heads, and probably make a few enemies. But that’s ok, because what the world needs now is to hear the truth about… ALBUS MENDACIUM

If you have been following the band and you’ve followed all of their bread crumbs to the end, then you know we are now ready to unveil the whole project to the world. ALBUS MENDACIUM or Latin for White Lie, features beautiful new artwork from Noel Puente who was also responsible for the artwork from the debut release and the beautiful 7” 4 pack limited edition record project currently ongoing with part 3 about to release in the coming weeks. Inspired by the scripture Matthew 7:15-16 we are excited to debut the brand new cover art to the world.

"Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them..."

Get ready as we prepare to break down the walls of hell as this May we unveil ALBUS MENDACIUM. Available digitally on all platforms and on limited edition CD (500 piece pressing) with a beautiful layout and 12 page lyric and story booklet, and a very special limited edition full length vinyl pressing coming later this year. Stay Tuned to Roxx Records in April for pre orders to launch…. All Glory to God