Ritual Servant, Roxx Records -

Ritual Servant: Hearers & Doers

Ritual Servant has once again signed on with Roxx Records, and this time for a very special and unique Limited Edition package of all brand new music.

It was 2019 when Roxx Records and Ritual Servant first partnered on the bands debut release Metallum Evangelii , the debut CD ‘SOLD OUT’ and was a huge success for all involved. That led to a Limited Edition vinyl pressing (Now SOLD OUT) and to a Gold Disc expanded edition (Nearly Sold Out)

You may have seen and heard the brand new track ‘Hearers and Doers’ that just dropped on most digital platforms and also sent to radio, if not check out that lyric video now and hear what all the hype is about surrounding this very bold Christian thrash band.

But we know that’s just not enough for you guys! We know you want your physical limited edition releases like only Roxx can do them! And were going all out on the proverbial limb with this one just for you!

Roxx Records has stepped up to the plate working with Ritual Servant on their new release and we are going to produce not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 yes 4 individual Limited Edition 7” singles!

Here is how this will work, as the band finishes recording, we will drop digital singles and then a brand new 7” over the course of the next 12 months or so. Each single will be one-fourth of the whole artwork for this special one time pressing. All 4 of the 7” singles together will form into one amazing new piece of art and fully unveil the completed artwork. And this new art is amazing and once again was commissioned by Noel Puente who brought us the beautiful cover art for the debut release. The final 7” will come with a Limited Edition poster of the brand new and completed artwork. These Limited Edition 7” singles will be limited to only 200 copies of each.

But that’s not all, after all the singles are released their will be a total of eight songs completed and done for the new album. The band will then finish up writing and recording an additional bonus track that will be featured exclusively for the new CD and the new Limited Edition 12” vinyl version.

Stay tuned and watch closely as we get ready to unveil the first piece of art and full details very soon!