Reign of Glory sign with Roxx Records

Reign of Glory sign with Roxx Records

The idea for REIGN OF GLORY started after Roger Dale Martin and Nick Layton released their instrumental album
Roxology in early 2021. As powerful and well received as Roxology was and is, Roger and Nick knew they could reach even more people with a great vocalist onboard and a new album of classic hard rock/metal tunes with a message of hope and faith in these troubling times.

 Nick started writing songs while the search for a vocalist began. The music was turning out melodic but heavy, groovy in places with hints of bands like Whitesnake, Queensryche, TNT, Dokken, Rainbow, Dio and Symphony X, so the right vocalist was required to pull off the style convincingly. But who?

 Roger and Nick had discussed a singer named Robyn Basauri who sang on a record Roger was involved with in 1992 called Die Happy, as well as fronting the classic Red Sea. Robyn was the kind of vocalist who’s style would fit the new music perfectly but there was a problem—no one knew how to get in touch with him. A few attempts were made to get Robyn’s contact info but nothing panned out and the feeling was that it was too much of a long shot and the idea was quickly scrapped. But then something very interesting happened.

 An interview was set up by Sanctuary International Network for a podcast led by Pastor Bob Beeman. The idea was to bring the guys from Die Happy together to talk about their experiences from the past.

 Bingo! All of the sudden Roger and Robyn were involved in this podcast together and more importantly Roger was able to email Robyn and talk about the new project. After a few conversations and a couple songs were written a new band was formed!

 As they kept writing new material together the guys knew they had something very special happening. Currently the band is finishing up final recordings and will have thealbum mixed in April and ready for release this summer via Roxx Records. Reign of Glory is extremely excited to bring you this heavy hitting album of superb songs, excellent musicianship, great production and an inspired message for the ages!

 REIGN OF GLORY is a brand new hard rock/metal band featuring Robyn Kyle Basauri (Red Sea, Die Happy, Joshua) on vocals, Roger Dale Martin (Vengeance Rising, Once Dead, Die Happy) on bass, Nick Layton (FireWolfe, Q5) on guitars and special guest Marco Bicca (FireWolfe, Pamela Moore, A Dying Planet) on drums.

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