OMEGA 2 CD and 3 CD Anthology set to be released!

OMEGA 2 CD and 3 CD Anthology set to be released!



Roxx Records is at it again kicking off 2023 with a previously unreleased collection of music. A fantastic collection of songs from a band that should have been much bigger, but never got the chance! Even though they did not get to the status they deserved this band made an impact on those they were able to share their message with. This time we go all the way to the UK, Nottingham England to be exact, as we are set to bring you this 2 disc Limited Edition anthology set. In fact the band had a third disc worth of material that is also being released as a limited edition bonus disc for 100 lucky people that purchase this set early. Lets take a look in to the legacy of United Kingdom Christian Rockers… OMEGA.

When the world was still Rocking from the sounds of the 70s, the 1980s dawned upon us.

Disco was still around and new genres began to arrive - New Wave, The New Romantics, the emergence of Heavy Metal and a more melodic sounding Heavy Rock. Also, the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) emerged, featuring the bands that we all know and love, but this would also spurn a new generation of Christian Metal/Rock there in the UK. Still being influenced by the great Hard Rock of the 70s and 80s, Mark Timson and John Maddison decided that it was time to spread a message of Love and Hope through Jesus Christ. There were a few bands in the UK, notably the mighty 100% Proof who really started this ball rolling in the mid 1980’s in the UK.

Omega would officially take form in 1983, the band would release two demo tapes of live and rehearsal material. A 10 track tape they made featuring what would become the bands anthem ‘God Loves To Rock n Roll’ and a 6 track live tape. Then in 1985 the band would record and release a cassette only demo consisting of 3 new tracks entitled ‘The Gambler’. The band would continue gigging all over the UK playing with a plethora of bands through their short lived 3 year career…..