Fear Not -

New Fear Not Album Coming 2021!

Roxx Records is very thankful for you, especially at this time of year when we look back and give thanks to those around us. We are thankful we have been able to keep brining you some of the best Christian music being released today, and thankful for all the artists that work with us and allow us to help share their music and message to the world. 

Well today on Thanksgiving day, we are so very excited to announce as we continue on in to the new year and to see what it brings, that we will once again be working with one of the best Christian Melodic Rock bands out there. We are very excited to announce that we will be releasing the brand new album from Fear Not in 2021, and we cant wait for you to hear what the band has been working on, it is sounding amazing. 

For now, we reflect back on the most recently released EP ‘For The Wounded Heart’ and share with you this previously unreleased version of ‘Carry Me’  with this very special Orchestral Mix dedicated to the memory of Sean Miller and available digitally everywhere. 

Have a wonderful holiday season and get ready as in 2021 we work with Fear Not to bring you their much anticipated full length album as 2021 will see the full return of FEAR NOT