MERCY RULE 'Overruled' to get the Roxx Records remaster treatment it deserves!

MERCY RULE 'Overruled' to get the Roxx Records remaster treatment it deserves!


RE:         MERCY RULE

DATE:    April 25, 2023


Well Roxx Records has gone and done it again, one title we hear all the time needing a remaster and a reissue was the classic album ‘Overruled’ by Mercy Rule. Well guess what, we’ve gone and done it! Working with the band we have been able to cultivate all the music and some early demos and got Bombworks Sound on the job! So what did Rob Colwell of Bombworks do? He made this thing sound killer! Add in there a classic new layout and design with some slight updates to the original cover courtesy of Scott Waters of NoLifeTilMetal Graphics and we have one killer limited edition reissue coming your way!

Mercy RuleOverruled’ was released back in 1989 on vinyl, cd and cassette through R.E.X. Music. But prior to that the bands debut release was actually a 4 track cassette only demo back in 1987, which caught the eyes of Regency Records who subsequently would add the track ‘Cities Are Burning’ to the 1988 classic metal compilation ‘Underground Metal.’   It is impossible to find a copy of that long out of print album at a decent price these days, so you will want to score one of these while you can!

Mercy RuleOverruled’ will have a limited edition vinyl release as a part of the ‘Roxx 100 Series’ containing all the original tracks from ‘Overruled’ plus the bonus track 'Cities Are Burning' from Underground Metal. As well, a limited edition CD pressing fully remastered and including all the bonus tracks discussed above! That’s right you will get the original 4 track demo and the track ‘Cities Are Burning’ fully remastered for your maximum listening pleasure.

Check out the just released remastered version of ‘You Lied To Me’ and get ready to rock as pre orders for Mercy RuleOverruled’ launch this Friday April 28th at 7am PST, with a release date of May 26th on limited edition vinyl and CD.

You Lied To Me: