JAGGED DOCTRINE announce release date and launch 2 new videos

JAGGED DOCTRINE announce release date and launch 2 new videos

The time has come to unveil the first two singles from Roxx Records recording artist JAGGED DOCTRINE and we are very excited to finally be able to share these with you.

First, we have the new single ‘Die Again’ https://youtu.be/iVBH6YdoumA

Followed by the second single ‘Breathe’ https://youtu.be/VT5GQHMqQfo

Now get ready and set those alarm clocks for 7am PST this Friday September 1st when we launch pre orders at a very low introductory price which will be valid through the official release date of September 29, 2023




DATE: AUGUST 28, 2023

Roxx Records is ready to bring you another brand new Christian metal project this year as we are very excited to welcome JAGGED DOCTRINE to the label.


Jagged Doctrine started years ago with roots in Industrial Metal via Rod Middleton's shredding guitar work combined with Gary Baker's electronic wizardry. From their onset, the dynamic duo had ongoing success including (but not limited to) licensing tracks to MTV for use, being spotlighted on Rolling Stone Magazine's website, and composing a soundtrack for a book series by New York Times best selling author Ted Dekker.

Now they have returned after a 9 year hiatus with what may be their most complex and best collaborative songs to date - boasting the voice and well-known screams of Dove Award winning singer Dale Thompson of the band BRIDE. Along with a very special guest appearance from Sydney Rentz of the band Morella's Forest, who lends her vocals on the track ‘Liquid Sky.’ Their debut album ‘Eve Of Destruction’ is sure to be pleasing to the ears of any music seeker yearning for a harder style, excellent writing, heavy guitars, cutting- edge musicality, and professional production! 


Roxx is very excited to deliver this album to you, this September via limited edition CD jewel case edition limited to only 250 copies.