Holiday 2021

And We are Getting Crazy!

It is that time of year again, time to share our annual FREE holiday sampler and some details about our very limited annual sale this year!

This year we will be giving away our sampler FREE digitally to all people that purchase on Black Friday during our 12 hour sale from 6am to 6pm PST.

BUT The Very First 90 orders ONLY with a minimum $20 purchase will also receive a free limited edition version of the sampler on CD. But that's not all! In addition those first 90 orders will also receive an additional FREE CD courtesy of Roxx and Sovereign Cross!!

Sovereign Cross has donated 90 copies of their debut independently released CD to give to you as part of our Black Friday extravaganza!

Stay Tuned for full details on the sale as we get closer to Black Friday! But for now here is a glimpse at what this years limited edition sampler looks like!

Check out this track listing, which includes 3 previously unreleased exclusive tracks on CD as well as the cover design.

2021 Roxx Records / NoLifeTilMetal Records Holiday Sampler

Roxx Records...

1. Layton & Martin – O Holy Night
2. Fear Not – Struggle (previously unreleased)
3. Motivik – The Past Of Tomorrow
4. Weapons of God – Decline
5. The Thomas Thompson Earth Project – Own Worst Enemy
6. Swingle and Thompson Ordained – Christ The Destroyer
7. Sovereign Cross – All Aboard
8. Haunted No More – God Is Not Absent
9. XL’s Innovation – 10 Years With You

NoLifeTilMetal Records...

10. From The Ruins – Chaos
11. Madrost - Crypt Keeper
12. Banshee - The Madness
13. Gammacide - Victims Of Science
14. Vindicator - Thrash & Destroy (demo-lition)
15. Iron Jaw - Chain of Command
16. Final Decree - Mirror Mirror (previously only available on 7”)
17. Chris Manning – Someday (previously unreleased)