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Heathen's Rage Update (NLTM)

Next Friday Heathen's Rage fans have a lot to look forward to when a brand new Limited Edition Book and CD will be released. On May 31st which marks the 34th anniversary of this live recording, you will be able to hear this historic release for the very first time! Check out the just released video for the track 'Knight of Steel' and get ready for something very special with this Live CD and the very Limited Edition Book.


Epic Underground Metal Band Heathens Rage Immortalized In First-Ever Limited Edition Book and Live CD

No Life Til Metal Records will simultaneously release a live CD and a very special book about New Jersey underground heroes Heathens Rage on May 31st, 2019. On that exact date, May 31, 1985, this historic show took place. and 34 years to the day we will memorialize this very important show in Heathen's Rage and Heavy Metal history!

The Limited Edition live CD, titled ‘Knights At Switlik’, is an incredible artifact of Heathens Rage history. It captures the band at Switlik Park Pavilion, a little league baseball field recreation hall on May 31st 1985. At this point in the band's career, Heathens Rage were together for about a year. They were still in the fledgling stage of writing original material so most of the set consisted of cover songs by their favorite metal bands such as Dio, Fates Warning, and Warlord. The only originals performed at this show were "Power Of The Sword," "Knights Of Steel, :and "City Of Hell."

Heathens Rage's increasing popularity created an opportunity for the band to rent out a hall, arranged by manager John Burlaga, and branch out beyond the local talent shows that they dominated.

Knights At Switlik was mastered at Bombworks Studio by Rob Colwell. Minor improvements, such as light de-hissing and channel balancing were made in order to preserve the raw intensity of the original soundboard recording.

Heathens Rage ‘Knights At Switlik’ will be a limited edition CD pressing of 500 pieces with a killer 12 page booklet filled with even more previously unreleased photos and liner notes.

Rage Days: The Illustrated Hstory Of Heathens Rage features hundreds of photos of the band as well as new interviews with eight members speaking about Heathens Rage's entire history. The 40 page full color book is a true Limited Edition collectible that fans of Rage and metal in general are going to love and want to add to their Metal collections!

Co-author Chris Bade witnessed Rage's first public appearance at the Battle of the Bands at Hightstown High School on October 27th 1984, and that sealed his fate as a Rage fan for life. He documented their journey by saving setlists, tickets, flyers, and guitar picks, as well as photographing seven of their shows over a three-year period. This is the first time that he has opened up his massive concert archives to the public.

Co-author and No Life Til Metal Records co-owner Scott Waters had a similar journey since Bade, Tony Lee, and manager John Burlaga all went to the same high school and were also going to concerts together. Waters witnessed many Rage shows as well as drawing an early logo for the band. His photographs are being publicly shared for the first time, documenting some of the band's early performances at the Electric Playground, formerly the club called River Rocks where Twisted Sister played back in 1983.

The authors also had the extreme privilege of being granted access to the manager's and band members' personal archives of photos, flyers, shirts, and memorabilia that they had collected over the years. The book also features photos from several European professional photographers and fans alike also, in an amazingly detailed collection which documents the history of this legendary New Jersey underground band.

Rage Days: The Illustrated History of Heathens Rage will be a one-time only limited edition printing of 500 copies.

The book and CD will both be released on May 31, 2019. Pre orders are live now and there is a limited amount of a special combined package that will receive a limited edition Rage button!

Visit www.nolifetilmetalrecords.com to reserve your copy today.