February 2021 Updates!

BOOM there it is!

We know you get tired of all the repetitive, long drawn out emails!
So we thought we would just surprise you this time without a lot of promo
and just get it all out there to you fast and quick, short and sweet!

That's right, if you are reading this right now, these new items just launched and are now up for pre-order. All of these pre order releases drop on March 26, 2021. Some are in very very limited quantities and we also acquired some absolute stellar rarities that are over 30 years old!

What the heck are we talking about?


Let's start with the classic reissue of the Malachia EP 'Under The Blade' as a part of the Roxx 100 series. In fact this is the fifth release in that series if your counting! This one is extra special with 100 pieces on 180g black vinyl and a companion GOLD CD edition limited to 300 copies! All remastered with upgraded artwork!

Here's some more killer Malachia news for you though! While working with Wade fom Malachia they found a long lost box of what is the last of any existing merchandise they are aware of! Guess what? We acquired it and are offering it ALL out to you right now while you can! There are 4 original 'In Christ We Rock' shirts, Under The Blade original tape, Red Sunrise original tape, and a few original buttons! Get in to our store and look at all those things quick before they are gone forever!


Next we have the absolutely amazing album from Bjorn Stiggson entitled 'Together with Friends' and this one has a beautiful remaster by Rob Colwell of Bombworks sound and amazing new upgraded artwork from Scott Waters of No Life til Metal

The vinyl is limited to 200 pieces only on a Random color 180g vinyl. That means no two of these are the same! As well we have a limited edition Gold CD version of this album and limted to only 300 copies. These are sure to be collector's items so hurry up and get your copy while you can!


Last but not least we have some amzing brand new music for you. And this one is heavy! In fact we are going to go out on a limb and say this is one of the heaviest Christian Death Metal albums you have ever heard!

Mohler, named after the two brothers that make up this band and formerly fronted the classic Artery Eruption bring you some brand new killer death metal! Check it out and pick it up today!