DENY THE FALLEN release date official, pre orders launch Friday!

DENY THE FALLEN release date official, pre orders launch Friday!

Pre orders live this Friday! 

LOW Introductory Price for the first 24 hours only! 

In our quest to bring you the best in Christian Metal today and classic releases from from yesteryear, we get stoked when those two meld together! We are excited to be bringing you, not one but two, brand new releases from Deny The Fallen  

Deny The Fallen is the brainchild of Jonathan Johnson with vocals from Rey Parra. That’s right Deny The Fallen consists of two members of one of Christian Metals most iconic bands, Sacred Warrior  

Deny The Fallen stands out on their own, melding some of that classic power metal feel with some slight modern twists and turns along the way. With their sophomore effort we get more of their great brand of metal, and even a couple fun and killer cover tunes. Check out this brand new teaser clip of the whole 8 track album.

Officially releasing one week before the bands appearance at this years Immortal Fest over the weekend of July 21-23. 

Echo Chamber cover art was completed by artist Rafael Tavares Gripp who really knocked it out of the park with this artwork!

Get ready as this Summer heats up and Roxx Records prepares to bring you the first of two killer new releases from…  DENY THE FALLEN 

Track Listing:

1. Echo Chamber

2. Live Again

3. Eye of the Hurricane

4. Point of no Return

5. If It Costs Me My Life

6. Sing Along Song (Stryper Cover)

7. Mission (King's X Cover)

8. Reflections (Instrumental)