CRUCIBLE DIVINE featuring Bride, Stryper members releases this June!

CRUCIBLE DIVINE featuring Bride, Stryper members releases this June!



DATE: MAY 30, 2023


Are you ready for a Righteous Crusade? The time is now, so let us begin. What do you get when band founder Raymond Christie coordinates his bands next release and it features the one and only Dale Thompson up front and center along with quite a few other amazingly talented musicians? You get the brand new release from Crucible Divine entitled ‘Righteous Crusade’

Crucible Divine started out as a studio project in 2009 and derived the name from lyrics in Rob Rock’s song “Holy Hell”.  The first song released was a cover of “Ramming Speed” for the Christian Metal Realm’s compilation “Temporary Insanity a Salute to Deliverance” released in 2010.  This paved the way to record the projects first full length album “Commitment” in 2011. 

Reeling in from a bad record deal, Crucible Divine was put on hold.  Fast forward to 2020. Nine years after laying dormant, Raymond decided to record one more song for release and then put Crucible Divine to rest for good.  Raymond had seen a post from Dale Thompson offering vocals for hire.  Contact was made and the song came to fruition.  In December of 2020 the single “Secret Sins” was released.  Dale really liked the song and suggested recording a full album.  With the compliment and encouragement of an industry veteran and lead guitarist/song writer Kevin Wale, nine brand new songs were born.  Crucible Divine now has a new fire to continue making music for the masses!

Roxx Records is excited to announce the latest release from Crucible Divine. This time it’s a Star studded affair and they’re ready to shake the foundation as they bring you a Righteous Crusade.  Today we are excited to debut the brand new album cover and the brand new single ‘Victim of Society’ featuring Timothy Gaines of Stryper.

Previously Released first Single ‘Secret Sins’

Stay tuned as pre orders go live this Friday June 2nd with an anticipated release date of June 23rd 2023