AfterWinter -

AfterWinter: Light Displaces Darkness

Roxx Records is excited to bring a brand new release, from a brand new band coming your way in late 2022, well sort of a new band anyway!

AfterWinter is excited to be bringing you their debut release next Fall. AfterWinter was formed from the disbanded BioGenesis line up that brought you two killer releases ‘Black Widow’ and ‘A Decadence Divine’. If you loved those two BioGenesis releases as much as we did you are in for a killer treat of pure Christian Metal delight next year!

AfterWinter features the core band that created the music on both of those exceptional BioGenesis albums. James Riggs on Rhythm Guitar, Luke Nealeigh on Lead Guitar, Sam Nealeigh on Keyboards, Dan Nealeigh on Bass and  Eli Closson rounding out this musical force on drums. If you followed the band back during this line up, you may recall Majenica Nealeigh pounding on the drums early on. Well this time she steps up to the microphone and heads out to handle co-lead vocals on this classic symphonic metal masterpiece entitled ‘Light Displaces Darkness’. Out front with her on lead vocals is Jerry Grazioso lead vocalist for This Blessed Hatred rounding out the line up for this brand new musical endeavor.

Earlier last year if you were lucky enough to get one of our year end holiday samplers you got your first taste of AfterWinter with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra style Christmas tune ‘Under Fire’ prominently featured on there. (Side note we have a killer new holiday sampler in the works for this coming Black Friday)

To start with we are excited to share with you the brand new single ‘Light Displaces Darkness’ take a listen and hear what is about to bestow your eardrums next year: 

In honor of the launch of this killer new band and their upcoming release we are going to be putting out a very very one time only limited 7” single from AfterWinter. This is to wet your whistle and hold you over until the album releases next Fall. This brand new limited edition single will feature ‘Light Displaces Darkness’ on side A backed with ‘Under Fire’ on side B. Stay tuned for release details in early 2022, this one is already in productions, but with a 6 month lead time we are looking at a March release on this one. We wont make you spend your money now, but get ready as we will put pre orders up in early 2022 prior to final completion and when the official release date can be determined.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we are stoked to share this exciting new 7” artwork designed by the one and only Scott Waters (NoLifeTIlMetal Graphics) with another killer design to add to his ever growing catalog of art.

Stay Tuned as to as we prepare to bring you…  AfterWinter