A CHRISTMAS THAT ROXX! Limited Edition CD Only Christmas Album!

A CHRISTMAS THAT ROXX! Limited Edition CD Only Christmas Album!




RELEASE DATE: December 2, 2022

Well this year we really tried to out do ourselves! A Full Christmas music release and our first full official Christmas release from Roxx Records and NoLifeTilMetal Records

And this thing features KILLER new Music from The Brave and Latter Reign! In fact it features 4 new tracks from Latter Reign and 2 new tracks from The Brave!

If that is not enough for you, we have a brand new track from Puddleglum included here also. We also have a killer track from legendary East Coast Rockers MASS

In addition to that we included the classic Deliverance track 'Silent Night' (remastered) and a brand new soon to be classic track from BRIDE off of their just released album 'Christmas' and that is just the first half of the album! 

The second half of what is destined to be a Classic Christmas album for years to come, includes all the original Christmas tunes we released through the years on our annual Black Friday give away discs! Including tracks from Three Kings (previously only available on the Candy Cane EP 7") as well as tracks from Chris ManningBioGenesisAfterWinterRainforceGrave Robber and The Sacrificed!

This is one all killer (no filler) Christian rock and metal Holiday extravaganza! 17 Tracks in all filling this entire CD only release with almost 80 minutes of Christmas music to keep you rocking around the Christmas tree this season! 

Check out the first Christmas Single of this brand new track from Latter Reign entitled 'Magic of Christmas' in this brand new lyric video from KruseFX


Also check out the cool new cover artwork of Scott and Bill Simpson (ha, ha, ha) we liked it so much we are even offering a limited edition Holiday Christmas shirt through just through this holiday season. Get one while you can!


SO here is the deal, CD’s are on sale now with pre orders live now! But YES we will be having our annual Black Friday sale this year and all orders placed OVER $20 will receive this CD free! PLEASE DO NOT EVEN ADD IT TO YOUR ORDER! If you’d like to purchase that CD only it will be a stand alone CD this year as well! Limited to only 300 copies and as an added bonus only for those that pre order you will receive a limited edition cover art sticker. Special pre order price and stickers will be available through Wednesday November 23rd only! Official release date December 2, 2022 




The Brave ‘A Brave Christmas’ (Previously Unreleased)

  1. Christmas Everyday
  2. Drums of Christmas

Latter Reign ‘Crimson Hope EP’ (Previously Unreleased)

  1. Magic of Christmas
  2. Gift for You
  3. Silent Night
  4. Little Drummer Boy

A Roxx Classic Christmas

  1. Mass – Where Are You Christmas?
  2. Bride – Do You Hear What I Hear [HEAVY] (from the album ‘Christmas’)
  3. Deliverance – Silent Night (from the album ‘What A Joke!’)
  4. Puddleglum – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Previously Unreleased)
  5. Three Kings – Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer (The Candy Cane EP)
  6. Chris Manning – Winters Journey (from 2021 Roxx Holiday Comp)
  7. BioGenesis – Messiah (from 2018 Roxx Holiday Comp)
  8. AfterWinter - Underfire (from 2020 Roxx Holiday Comp)
  9. Rainforce - Bring Back Christmas (from 2017 Roxx Holiday Comp)
  10. The Sacrificed - Little Drummer Boy (from 2017 Roxx Holiday Comp)
  11. Wretched Graverobber - Merry Christmas Everybody (from 2014 Roxx Holiday Comp)