XL's Innovation - Dynamics of Relation [XL & DBD] 2021

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Roxx Records is excited to announce the brand new release from XL & DBD main man XL and this exciting new release takes us in a completely different direction for XL & DBD fans. 

A very special project for XL takes us on a very special journey and takes us deep in to his personal journey in life and in to his personal relationship with his wife. He opens up and shares the heartache and pain on this new release entitled 'Dynamics of Relation' 

Musically this release is a departure from the heavier rapcore music and takes us into a more mainstream alternative rock vibe. 

Check out the first single '10 Years With You' 


Words from the wise by XL on 'Dynamics of Relation'

Dynamics of Relation by XL‘s Innovation is a collection of heavy pop rock songs about my relationship with my wife. I was always drawn to Girls from the street and my wife is most definitely that. So I wrote songs to her before I met her. (Be New Girl and Only One To Look For) These two songs were written back in 1992. After a few years of learning about her and trying to understand who she was, I came to the understanding that I may never know everything about her which led me to writing (Some Things You’ll Never Know) in 1996."

"We loved hard, but then we fought hard too. And the fighting led me to write (Angry At You) in 1998. Our relationship had grown rather toxic over the next few years and I wrote (10 Years With You) in 2003. These years brought about heavy feelings of divorce."

"Between 2002 and 2004 there was infidelity on both our parts. So, in the beginning months of 2005 ( Sad Love Song ) was born. This song is about the truth that many relationships encounter. A few make it out and stay in matrimony, while even more end up in disaster. As we forgave each other with God’s help and learned how to love each other better, ( You Just Stay Beautiful ) was completed in 2012."

"Our relationship was sand paper from day one. But for some reason God has allowed my relationship with Cheryl Lynn Stevens to stay alive and to be a beacon of hope to those who think their marriage is all over. Love is what we do, it isn’t always what we feel, but when we live out love with action, the feelings are close by. As I told my wife in the start of 10 Years with you, “I’ll love you forever. It’s my blessing and my fate.” She has reciprocated the same message."

So get ready as XL takes you on a musical journey of love, heartache, pain and forgiveness as we eagerly bring to you 'Dynamics of Relation'

Track Listing:

1. 10 Years With You

2. The One To Look For

3. Sad Love Song

4. Be New Girl

5. Some Things You'll Never Know

6. Angry At You

7. You Just Stay Beautiful