Xinr - Beyond Woodward [CD]

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Out of Print! 2008 Release of this obscure Christian Metal band from the 80's these are getting scarce so get your now!

Oregon-based Xinr (pronounced "ex-sinner") was a Christian heavy metal band active all too briefly in the mid `80s. Not long after finishing their first recordings in 1984, two key band members were killed in an automobile accident, cutting the band's career short. Now with this 2008 collection entitled Beyond Woodward, metal fans can finally hear Xinr's material.

Beyond Woodward collects all of the available Xinr recordings on one disc with remastered sound and a cool booklet. Musically, this is pretty typical of the American cult metal scene in 1984. They were obviously influenced by Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, and you could play this alongside bands like Savage Grace, Obsession and Stormwitch. Honestly, it's nothing you haven't heard before, and the remastering doesn't quite make up for the fact that the demos are pretty rough in terms of production. It's definitely not up to Stormspell's usual sound quality level.

Xinr was a Christian band, but their lyrics weren't blatantly religious. You can tell where they're coming from, but it's not full-on Sunday School mode, which is good.

This one is for die-hard collectors of cult `80s heavy metal or serious Christian metal devotees. It's a solid enough collection, but not essential by any means.

Track List:

1 Ever Present Angel 3:42
2 Fight The Dragon 3:38
3 Evil Apple 3:27
4 Don't Tell Me No Lies 3:39
5 In Limbo 4:05
6 The Hills Have Eyes 3:22
7 The Ghostly Galleon 3:27
8 All Hallow's Eve 5:28
9 The Devil's Gone 4:22
10 Fall To The Prey 3:40
11 My Revolution (Live) 4:06
12 Beyond Belief 1:49
13 XINR (Instrumental) 1:55
14 Fight The Dragon 3:05
15 The Devil's Gone 4:53