Wretched Graverobber - Christmas Spirit [CD]

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This is going to be a very short, limited, small run of CD's on this title for this new Christmas CD from Grave Robber frontman 'Wretched'. Sure to be a collectors item for Grave Robber Fans!

Check out this cool Christmas CD....

Wretched Graverobber's first solo outing with some really awesome guest musicians!

"Christmas Spirit" is a Ramones-esque, Misfit-ish punk/metal/rock hybrid Christmas e.p. that rocks start to finish!

Track List:

1) Merry Xmas Everybody
2) Do You Hear What I Hear
3) I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday
4) What Child Is This
5) Feliz Navidad
6) Grandma Got Half Eaten By A Zombie

Wretched - Lead vocals, Rhythm guitars
Jim Chaffin (The Crucified/The Blamed/Fasedown) - Drums
Jim Laverde (Barren Cross) - Bass
Skot Shaw (Leper) - Keys
Rocky Gray (Evanescense/Living Sacrifice/Soul Embraced) - Guitar
Paul Jackson (Bloodgood) - Guitar
Jimmy Brown (Deliverance) - Guitar
Tim Bushong (Lovewar/Channel Surfers) - Guitar, Vocals, Keys
Carcass - Bass, Vocals
Plague - Drums
Jesse Browning - Vocals

Artwork by Tim Baron
Layout by Paul Stier