WonRowe Vision - Pictures of The Past Present And Future [CD]

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2013, Silver Bullet Records/Rowe Prod

"With 'Pictures Of The Past, Present And Future' Wonrowe Vision have finally honed the exact sound they have been after for 3 and a half years! Steve Rowe is singing and the band Is rocking! Wonrowe Vision is Steve's 80s band Lightforce 1986-era revisited. The CD even contains 2 re-worked versions of Lightforce 1986 classics - 'Pictures' and 'You're So Kind, Yours And Mine' from the very first Lightforce blue demo! These never before heard on CD songs are also included in the bonus material! Steve's life-long interest in and passion for 70s classic heavy rock and early 80s classic gospel rock is alive and well in the presentation of the Wonrowe Vision soundscape! Imagine a combination of 70s mainstream bands Status Quo, Deep Purple and Motorhead, combined with the 80s gospel rock sounds of Resurrection Band, Jerusalem, Barnabas and 100% Proof... and there you have it! Combine that with Steve's quirky but God glorifying lyrics and Lincoln Bowen's genius guitar playing and Wonrowe Vision is a breath of fresh air, retro rock attack! Along with young drummer Andrew Esnouf, Wonrowe Vision has a very distinct driving edge with a realistic street level appeal. This is high energy rock for both the young and the young at heart. Together, reliving the daze of classic heavy rock danceability - music that gets you jumping and jump-starts your holy hearts." -Rowe Productions


Studio Versions
That's Total Evil

Live At The Metal Bible Launch (2012)
That's Total Evil (Live)
Pictures (Live)
You're So Kind, Yours And Mine (Live)
The Spirit Of The Rock (Live)
Mission Invincible (Live)
Resident Spider (Live)
Vaporizer ( Live)
The White Rock (Live)
Smile Your Way Through Life (Live)
I'm Not Afraid Of The Dark (Live)

Bonus Tracks
Pictures (1986 Lightforce Demo Version)
You're So Kind, Yours And Mine (1986 Lightforce Demo Version)
12 Men (1986 Lightforce Demo Version)
12 Men (2004 Mortification Version)