WonRowe Vision - 2 Headed Monster [LP]

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Roxx Records Underground Series #1

Roxx Records is very excited to be announcing a brand new series and a unique idea in the realm of presenting truly Limited Edition vinyl pressings in the Christian Metal Underground! We are excited to be launching a brand new series of vinyl called the ‘Underground Series’ which will feature TRUE limited edition vinyl pressings that will cater to all those looking for truly Limited Edition pressings of both classic and new Christian Metal albums!

The series will feature a minimum of 100 pieces with a maximum of only 150 hand numbered pieces. In a unique way to keep this series going and alive Roxx Records is committed that EACH and EVERY time a title is sold out, the next title will be announced and it will continue on for as long as you, the vinyl collector, continue to buy and support the venture.

To kick off this unique one of a kind Underground Metal venture what better way to start then with the ‘Priest of the Underground’ himself , the one and only Steve Rowe, who is celebrating 25 years this year providing quality Jesus Metal music as only he can to the masses! So we are very excited to announce that our first release in the ‘Underground Series’ is none other than the brand new album from Wonrowe Vision entitled ‘2 Headed Monster’.

This album will be pressed in a quantity of only 150 copies. 100 will be sold exclusively through Roxx Records in the United States and 50 copies will be sold in Australia exclusively from Rowe Productions. This will be your only opportunity to get the latest offering from Steve Rowe on vinyl. 

Track listing:

Side A
1. Stone Elder (3:50)
2. Now Stand (3:31)
3. 2 Headed Monster (4:24)
4. Commander (3:51)

Side B
5. Ten 12 One & 2 (3:42)
6. GPS (3:17)
7. 100% Vision (3:52)
8. Made Of Rock (3:18)
9. I’m Gonna Be A Good Looking Corpse (2:33)

You will want to get in on this one quick and as soon as these are gone, we move on to release number 2 and we already have a line up of very cool releases you are gonna love! So support this release and you will get a lot more in the near future! Release number 2 is set to feature Christian Thrash Masters ULTIMATUM!

Thank you all for your continued support of the Christian Metal underground! Sign up on our email list to hear of the next titles first as you will get an advance notice and we know some of the titles we have planned you are gonna love and will sell out!