Wicked's End - 1992 to 2016 [CD]

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Hot off the press and just released new compilation from Southern California's own Wicked's End. These guys have been really active and playing many shows in the area, if you ever have the chance to see them, get out there and support some great Christian Metal music! The band is working on a brand spanking new full length album at the moment. This new release is a very cool look at the History of Wicked's End all the way to some new live recordings from a show this year!

Tracks 1 through 3 kick off with the band's 2013 demo....

1. The Destroyer
2. Theories of Lies
3. Mortifier

Tracks 4 and 5 are brand new tracks recorded live at the Meat Locker club in Lake Elsinore, CA...

4. March of the Broken
5. Lord of Hosts

Tracks 6 through 8 take us back to the bands earliest demo in 1992...

6. Temporal Pain
7. Why This Talk
8. End of Now

Then we end with the last 3 tracks from their 1994 demo...

9. 2000 Pigs
10. The Drive By
11. Common Mind Bandit

CD is in a jewel case with full color artwork and a 2 panel insert that shares the various line up information. An excellent addition to your music collection and a Limited Edition CD that was intended to help hold over their fans while we anxiously await the brand new album from these guys! Stay tuned for that!