VULTURES GATHERING - The Hunt (CD) 2023 features BioGenesis, Motivik, Shamash members

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Roxx Records is excited to bring you an album we’ve all been waiting for! The debut release from Vultures Gathering.

Vultures Gathering, a story of how a friendship between 3 different musicians, from 3 different bands, across 3 locations, halfway across the world led to a birthing of a project. The collaboration between Chaz Bond, Ryan Roebuck and Andre Chiang, all known for their projects with Biogenesis, Letters to the Blind, Motivik, Ritual Servant, Shamash and Necromanicide was something that started out as collaboration, "for the fun of it", but gained inertia and became a full fledged project.

When initially conceived, the band had in mind the melodic metal cadences of the Swedish Gothenburg scene in mind. This project was influenced by that scene and also mirrors the NWOBHM sound that was dominant when all 3 members were growing up in the scene in the 80s/90s era.

Dark, melodic and thought provoking. The words and melodies of this album deal with the issues of our time. The reality of life in this age. And finding the love of the Saviour

The album, took a year and a half to finish due to a few unforeseen circumstances. But finally, by the Grace of God, it is all done and available only on ROXX Records.

Check out the brand new single entitled “In Plain Sight”

Track Listing:

1. In Plain Sight

2. False Crown

3. The Hunt

4. This Darkened Embrace

5. In Paradise

6. Candle Wax

7. America

8. A Knock On The Door

9. Truth Be Told


Words from Chaz Bond


Vultures Gathering - The Hunt

Roxx Records 2023

Chaz Bond - Vocals

Andre Chiang - Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Drums, keys etc.

Ryan Roebuck - Lead Guitar

Produced by Andre Chiang

Album Art by Andre Chiang

This is a project/band that truly came out of nowhere. Guitarist and founder, Andre Chiang lives in Malaysia. Ryan Roebuck lives in Georgia while yours truly resides in Ohio. Andre is known as the guitarist and vocalist for the thrash/death metal bands Necromanicide and Shamash. Ryan is the brain child of Motivik and is also a member of Ritual Servant and has recently joined me for the next BioGenesis chapter. So how did this all come to be?

It all began in a galaxy far far away. From Andre that is. A long time friend of mine, Dave Hulsey, contacted me. He told me that this Malaysian death metal band wanted some clean melodic vocals on a guest spot. He put me in touch with Andre. We hit it off quickly to the point where Andre pitched the idea of doing a side project with me that would be in the Swedish Gothenburg vein. Melodic, somber..deep lyrics. Really right up my alley. We quickly came up with the first song. After that, Andre introduced me to Ryan. Once he was in the fold we spent a day or two pouring over a long list of names. Vultures Gathering is biblical, catchy and ominous much like the times we are living in. So let's take the walk shall we?


This is among my favorite tracks on this record. It's haunting and eerie and the lyrics are among my best in my time as a lyricist.

We are living in a strange era. Right and wrong is becoming more blurred by the day. Confusion abounds like no other time in modern history. The world is in a slow moral decay. There are many symptoms but the root cause is hidden in plain sight, right in front of us, parading as progress.


This one is long..right around nine minutes long. Aside from that, this is a fantastic song.

This one is about that person who always wants to talk about what is wrong with everyone but themselves. Pointing fingers, judging others but refusing to look in the mirror. Hiding the truth behind false robes of royalty. You wear the mask of a king but you're no majesty.


The title here. A bit heavier especially on the vocal side where I throw in a few of my Bioish hybrid stuff in there a bit more on this one.

The vultures are symbolic for many things. The mass media that tells us what we should believe. Our politics. People who are in power in various factions in our lives and in society. Some of them are on the hunt to change the world as we know it and not always for the better. Faith is under attack in America like never before and there are those who want to see a society where belief in God is a thing of the past.


The most somber number on the record and for good reason. Almost ballad like, this one makes you feel that raw and real emotion.

Once in awhile, I will write about something very personal. I am known for writing about the pain of others. I have a knack for being able to write from the view of another person going through some of life's most difficult challenges, but this time the pain was my own. I had just found out that my marriage was over and that I would soon be leaving my home and starting my life over again in my late 40s. I recorded this song while I was still living in my now former home.


This was actually the first song that started it all and id say we were off to a really solid start. I really love the chorus.

According to the bible scriptures, Jesus was crucified by the Romans along side of two presumed criminals, one on each side of him. One of the men shouted to him, please remember me when you come into your kingdom!...Jesus then replies.."I tell you this day, you will be with me in paradise". The man was not told that he was too late or that his sins were too many. Religion often makes it more complicated than it really is. Not one of us are perfect. If perfection was attainable then Jesus would have nothing to give his life for. Salvation is calling his name and believing in him.


I actually wrote these lyrics many years ago. I added a few for this final version. Also, joining me on this track is my friend from Sweden, Zharlie Gustavsson. She is the guitarist for the black metal band Shadows Of Paragon and the vocalist and guitarist of the melodic band Soundless Whisper.

A girl has lost her way. She turns to men who only want to use her but they tell her what she longs to hear. She turns to addiction to numb the pain. She has forgotten the sweet, lovely girl that she once was. She searches for the light by running towards the darkness. Slowly her light dims as her soul melts away like a burning candle.


A cover of the band Bloodgood. All three of us grew up listening to them so this was already an honor. It just so happens that the founder and Bassist Michael Bloodgood sadly passes away not long after this was recorded. That brought a lot more honor and meaning to this track . We now view this as our ultimate solute to the memory of Michael.

The band's message was clear. America was founded on faith. This country was falling away like a Babylonian nation even back then in the 1980s when this song was written but sadly it has gotten much worse since.


Perhaps the softer side of the band. This was a bit story telling like. The music is a bit dreamy with a touch of jazz thrown in at The dawn of the solo.

No matter who you are, where you have been, or what you have done, God is always reaching out his hand, hoping that one day you will open that door. He will keep knocking, no matter how long it takes.


The album's heaviest overall. I also sing most of the versus in a very high register. The first time that I've done that. Ever.

Atheism is on the rise. People are losing their faith..losing hope. They are being told over and over that they are alone and that God does not exist and that life is just meaningless until they die. No matter the cost, The truth must be told.

This album is special in many ways. In some ways it is like a sound track for some different trials in the lives of all three members. Andre lost his mother not long before this band was born..I lost my marriage and my home during the recording of this record. Ryan also went through some personal challenges during this time. That said, this album is also the sound track of a bond between three goofy guys on two continents. Andre and Ryan have been rocks for me over the last two years. For me that is what is best about this album. This record is different. It's not BioGenesis or Jacobs Dream. It's not Shamash or Motivik. This was three guys pouring out their souls with no restrictions. That's the way it should be.