VINDICATOR - Violent Night (CD)

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Violent Night, precursor to New Wave of Thrash Metal front runners, Vindicator, formed in 2003 and operated until 2005.

The band had a handful of self released demos and EPs, all of which were extremely limited in quantity.

After over a decade, buried underground and forgotten, Cleveland thrashers Violent Night are back with their first and final offering.

Being unsatisfied with never having released anything, band mates Wayne Holocaust and Vic Stown decided to compile and retool their favorite old tracks, as well as write a few new ones.

What you get is ten tracks of loose, heavy, raw thrash delivered with honesty and passion. Released November 6, 2018


Track Listing:

1. Brave New Holocaust 03:26
2. Seeds of Peace 04:32
3. Light the Dynamite 03:28
4. Bite of the Chrome 03:55
5. Kill Command 03:31
6. Undying Love 03:23
7. The End 04:12
8. Censored Reality 04:06
9. Black Oil, Red Blood 03:02
10. The Highest Noose