Vengeance Rising - Released Upon The Earth [2CD]

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We are only offering 50 of these here when this item is Sold Out they are gone! Limited Edition remastered, expanded, new art, 8 page color booklet with new lay out and design!

The CD is completely remastered with brand new bonus track material never released on a Vengeance Rising album!

Check out this full track listing...

1 Help Me
2 The Damnation Of Judas And The Salvation Of The Thief
3 Released Upon The Earth
4 Human Dark Potential
5 Instruments Of Death
6 Lest You Be Judged
7 Out Of Bounds
8 Bishop Of Souls
9 Tion
10 You Will Be Hated
11 Interview 1992 (Daniel & Johnny)
12 Interview 1992 (George Ochoa)


Roxx Records is very proud to announce not one but two long out of print titles that we will be giving that special treatment of remastering, expanding and reissuing for all you Christian Metal fans out there in a one-time Limited Edition CD pressing of only 300 copies each!

Up first is the classic 4th and final title from Christian thrash legends Vengeance Rising! The bands first 3 titles (Human Sacrifice, Once Dead, Destruction Comes) have already been given that special remaster and reissue treatment back in 2010, but this one has yet to see the light of day with a proper remaster and reissue. Now Roxx Records has procured the licensing from Intense Records and is very proud to say we will finish the series off with this very special pressing!

Released Upon The Earth was the bands 4th and final release before they would call it a day and if you think you have heard this release before, guess again! This remaster, and the next title, are both being completely remastered by Sid Garcia (Deliverance, Ultimatum & more) and they both sound amazing! In addition to all of the original tracks we have included some rare long lost radio interviews featuring George Ochoa, Johnny Vasquez and Daniel Cordova that were recorded in Jacksonville Florida during the Released Upon The Earth tour. This is one Limited Edition collectible that every Vengeance Rising fan needs to add to their collection before they are gone!

Up next also happens to be the 4th album and release from this classic Christian thrash band, Deliverance! The bands 4th title is also being given the special Roxx Records remaster treatment from Sid Garcia and this is one of the last few Deliverance title?s that has yet to be reissued, repressed or remastered since its original initial pressing from 1992 on Intense Records and we have procured the rights to finally make this one a reality as well! It will also be reissued in a one-time Limited Edition pressing!

Stay of Execution captures the band in a new era at this time and with a significant line-up change. Exiting for this album would be George Ochoa and entering in as the next full time guitarist for the mighty ?D? would be none other than Michael Phillips. Also of importance to this era was the fact that this was the first of three albums produced by Terry Taylor with the help of Gene Eugene, both heavy influences of Deliverance founder and leader Jimmy Brown. Again you have not heard this album until you have heard this completely remastered and expanded edition.

This is a truly special edition of Stay of Execution as the additional bonus track we have captured here for this release was just recorded in 2014 especially for this reissue and it sounds amazing. Recently Jimmy Brown and George Ochoa (Deliverance, Vengeance Rising, Worldview) would reunite for a very special radio show called Frontline Rewind, ( which features interviews and music from many of the classic artists that were signed to Frontline Records and Intense Records. This reunion would spark the guys to want to work together again for the first time in over 20 years! As a result we got a brand new recording of the classic track ?What A Joke? completely redone and sounding amazing, additionally the guys have just scheduled a special appearance at this year?s Skullfest in Nebraska this October (

Still not enough for you, how about 2 more previously unreleased tracks that have never been included on a Deliverance album? We also will be including the 25th Anniversary recordings of the classic tracks ?Flesh and Blood? and ?In U? both featuring Michael Phillips (Deliverance, The Sacrificed, Join The Dead) on guitar.

There you have it 2 classic reissues coming November 11, 2014 from Roxx Records.