Vengeance - Human Sacrifice [Shirt only]

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This is for the t-shirt only. Picture is just for reference.

T-SHIRT WILL BE A ONE TIME RUN ONLY NOT TO BE PRODUCED AGAIN! Only 75 printed in total! No second prints will be done!

It was 1988 when the Christian Metal Music scene was about to change and finally expand in to the extreme metal genre. Southern California thrashers Vengeance with support and direction from Pastor Bob Beeman were about to unleash their debut album ‘Human Sacrifice’ in hopes to reach the lives of those who needed something like this. They accomplished this wholeheartedly and at the same time shocked the world with its intensity and bold message.

Thirty years later and Human Sacrifice continues to make an impact on people’s lives and in the metal community. As 2018 brings in the official 30th anniversary of Human Sacrifice we are prepared to bring you something very special and unique as we celebrate this monumental release.