Veil of Deception - Tearing Up The Roots [CD]

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The second out of print OOP CD from Austria's Veil of Deception entitled 'Tearing Up The Roots'

While this and the new CD are being marketed and released under the No Life til Metal Records imprint for Roxx Productions, these should be considered as a part of the 'Christian friendly' category.

However you want to look at this this is such a great release and an import from Austria that is hard to find in the US.

Hailing from Austria this is the bands sophomore offering, and we only have a few available.

Track Listing:

1 Dream Within a Nightmare
2 Stench of Fear
3 This Is My Reality
4 Personal Holy Grail
5 Shadows On the Wall, Pt. 1
6 Summer's Dying
7 The Spell
8 End of the Road
9 Redemption Mode
10 Of Lunacy and Sands, Pt. 2