Vardoger - Whitefrozen

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We got a RARITY for you here so hurry up and get one before they are gone!  

Jewel Case Edition

2006 Endtimes release LONG out of print!

8 panel booklet with lyrics

Ever since Endtime Productions released the compilation album "In The Shadow Of Death" in 2000, interest in Norwegian VARDØGER has been storming. The song "Footprints Of Thunder" brought in elements from classical and Norwegian folk music together with beautiful but angry black metal. But this was just a single song, and it was not until 2003 in connection with NordicFest that fans got to hear more. The first release as a digipak was quickly sold out, and finally in 2006 Endtime launched this jewelcase version. Beautiful cover and even more beautiful music!

Track Listing:

1. Desert Pale
2. Footprints Of Thunder
3. Inferno
4. Whitefrozen
5. Silent Witness

Record company: Endtime Productions
Digipack Release: 2003 Jewel Case Edition: 2006