Ultimatum - The Mechanics of Perilous Times [CD]

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2007 Remaster and Re-Release by Retroactive Records!

If you have never listened to this great THRASH metal band from the States, then it's about time to buy ALL OF THEIR ALBUMS!! Great rhythm, riffs, vocals, guitars and production make up for an album that fans of bands like EXODUS, ANTHRAX, KREATOR, TESTAMENT, MEGADETH will totally love!!! We really cannot get the mighty riff of ''Perilous Times'' out of our heads or forget the MASTERPIECE ''Warlords Sword''!!! This is the band's third album originally released in 2000 but this edition is remastered with bonus tracks and great sound. A must have if you're into quality thrash metal. Note, that the band's lyrics are Christian related.


1. Temple Of The Spirit
2. Greed Regime Inc.
3. Perilous Times
4. Shroud Of Science
5. The Purging
6. Crash Course
7. Warlord's Sword
8. Burn (Vengeance Rising Cover)
9. MutalMitlu
10. Violence & Bloodshed
11. Temple Of The Spirit (1999 Pre-Production Demo)
12. Heart Of Metal (2003 Rough Demo)
13. Greed Regime Inc. (Live 2005)