Ultimatum - Into The Pit [CD]

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Into The Pit - 2007 Retroactive Records New and Sealed!

Simply put, the masters of thrash metal are back!!! Into the Pit qualifies as a juggernaut of North American metal. This is great news for fans, since this is the first new offering from Ultimatum in 6 long years! With Into the Pit, the band has unleashed one of Thrash Metal's most shining moments, following the footsteps of fellow peers Exodus, Tourniquet, Vengeance Rising, Megadeth. Overkill, and Forbidden. With its thundering bass, fast drumming and a wealth of Mastodonian rifferry, the boys have clearly learned from their elders, and learned well. Guitarist, Robert Gutierrez fills every track with fiery, blowtorch riffs and scorching solos. Vocalist Scott Waters far exceeds his commendable efforts on previous albums, sounding every bit as brilliant as thrash legend, Roger Martinez (Vengeance Rising), while never forsaking his classic Ultimatum vocal style. It's rare to find a band able to progress and mature in their craft so much without changing their sound. If you like your metal fast, heavy, neck snapping, bone crunching, and old school then Into the Pit is your "stranded on a deserted island" disc. Careful though. This stuff is dangerously heavy! We warned you!

Track Listing:

1. One for All,
2. Exonerate,
3. Deathwish,
4. Blood Covenant,
5. Heart of Metal,
6. Wrathchild,
7. Transgressor,
8. Blink,
9. Blind Faith,
10. Into the Pit,
11. Game Over