TRUE STRENGTH - The House, The Holy, The Third (CD) 2022

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The highly anticipated fifth full-length album from True Strength is coming to you via Roxx Records on June 17th, 2022! Already being called one of the top albums of the year by one publication and named ‘Metal of the Month’ by another, "The House, The Holy, The Third" is one album that metal fans must get their hands on this year!

 "In the end, The House, The Holy, The Third is certain to rank among the top albums of the year." -Andy Rockwell, Angelic Warlord

 "If you are looking for some new Power Metal to add to your collection then look no further than True Strength's 2022 recording 'The House, The Holy, The Third'! If I was going to purchase only one album this month then I would make this album that purchase because it's just that good!" -Jacob Folk, Christian Molten Metal

Following up on their successful 2020 release "The Mighty Hand of Yahweh", True Strength has taken their craft to a whole new level- with many praising the production, songwriting, and musicianship on "The House, The Holy, The Third"! This 12-song album features over 60 minutes of music- filled with epics, instrumentals, ballads, and pure heavy metal! 

"True Strength comes into its own on fifth full-length 'The House, The Holy, The Third'.  No doubt the group exhibited its share of very fine musical moments on preceding releases, of which I enjoy to listen to this day, but 'The House, The Holy, The Third' takes the prize with songwriting that is spot-on- from the riffs, hooks and melodies each track makes a case for itself." -Andy Rockwell, Angelic Warlord 

"With their latest release "The House, The Holy, The Third", True Strength has proven they are here to stay. True Strength is for fans of Queensrÿche, Sacred Warrior, Iron Maiden, Bloodgood, Freedom Call, and Kamelot." -Jacob Folk, Christian Molten Metal


First Single "Chariot of God" :


True StrengthThe House, The Holy, The Third” is a concept album based on the Book of Ezekiel from the Old Testament. The events of the book are covered from beginning to end, as faithful to Scripture as possible. The lyrics for each song derive from actual scripture in the Book of Ezekiel! The album also features the amazing artwork of Ward Silverman (Topps Comics, Star Wars), who gives a haunting imagining of the Valley of Dry Bones chapter from the Book of Ezekiel combined with a stunning CD layout by Scott Waters (NoLifeTillMetal)! The album was recorded amid immense chaos as the band contended with heart surgeries, floods, illness, deaths among family and friends, as well as spiritual and physical attacks, but praise be to God, the band was able to overcome with the power of Lord Jesus Christ to deliver this opus to metal fans everywhere! This album is truly a labor of love and one that True Strength wants to share with all its beloved friends and fans around the world!



True Strength "The House, The Holy, The Third"


1) Arrival of the Glory of The Lord (Intro)

2) Chariot of God

3) Ezekiel's Call

4) Dwelling of Abominations

5) Harlot Bride

6) Mourn Not the Delight of Your Eyes

7) Judgement Will Come Against the Nations

8) The City Has Fallen / 587 B.C.

9) The Lord Will Be Israel's Shepherd (Instrumental)

10) Valley of Dry Bones

11) Destruction of Gog and Magog

12) The House, The Holy, The Third (John 2:19)



George Tsalikis - Lead Vocals

Ryan “The Archangel” Darnell - Rhythm Guitar, Bass

Takis Koroneos - Lead Guitar

Chris Lee Faulkenberry-Alfano - Drums & Percussion

Carl "Boanerges" Borsick – Keyboards



Angelic Warlord – 90%

Christian Molten Metal – 6 out of 6 Swords (Metal of the Month)