Titanic - Wreckage: The Rest of And The Best Of [CD]

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Remastered tracks from the original versions of Maiden Voyage (1st album), Screaming In Silence (2nd album) and their latest, Full Steam Ahead. As an added bonus, fans are treated to two rare tracks and two previously unreleased tracks all featuring Robert Sweet from Stryper.

Track Listing:

01. Ocean of Blood
02. Hypnotic
03. I Am Watching You
04. The Sea
05. Hollywood Blvd
06. Carnival of Souls
07. Gods of War
08. Screaming in Silence
09. Nightmare
10. Dead Men's Bones
11. Web Dreams
12. Time
13. Shovel the Coal
14. Don't Care (Robert Sweet On Drums)
15. Freakshow (Robert Sweet On Drums)
16. Ocean of Blood (Robert Sweet On Drums)
17. I Am Watching You (Robert Sweet On Drums)