Thresher - Totally Possessed (2021 CD)

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GOING FAST - FIRST TIME ON CD with an exception of the 2009 pressing double disc pressing of Here I Am which the first 100 were packaged with a Totally Possessed Bonus Disc. Good Luck at finding one of those! This is your last chance on this classic!


Release Date: February 12, 2021

Packaging: Jewel Case w/ 8 page booklet


Thresher - Totally Possessed on CD for the very first time EVER! If you are a fan of classic Christian thrash metal you do not even need to read any further on this one! You already know how clasisc this release is and to be released on CD and Vinyl for the first time ever! Oh man that is crazy! 

This brand new CD was meticulously remastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound and you have never heard these tracks sound so good! 

But wait! There's more! Scott Waters of No Life Til Metal Graphics cleaned up the artwork on this one and did a killer lay out with tons of photos, memorabilia and lyrics inside this one! The artwork was actually a scan from the original painting that was made for the original tape release! It looks killer! 

Track Listing:

1. Totally Possessed 

2. Final Frontier

3. Cranial Tremor

4. Face The Rage

5. No More Lies

6. Apocalypse Prepare

7. My Reality (Bonus Track)