Third Voice - A Day Like Today [CD]

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This has been a GREAT year for Christian hard rock and especially progressive rock and metal. Here we have the third album from prog rockers Third Voice with their new album entitled 'A Day Like Today'

Nine awesome tracks from these guys, 6 brand new tunes and 3 re-recorded from the bands past releases.

The band is joined by the very talented Tony Rossi on drums for this release. The bands past efforts were released using a drum machine and this is the first full length release with a drummer, and a great drummer to boot!

This is an amazing sounding release from Third Voice I hope we hear much more from them in the years to come! Packaged in a beautiful 6 panel digi with full lyrics and amazing artwork! Another MUST have for the Christian Rock and Metal enthusiasts for 2016!

Track List:

1. Break
2. Chosen
3. Blinded
4. Seasons of my Soul
5. Moments like these
6. How many feet
7. Day like today
8. All that I am
9, Reflections