The Way - The Fight is Ours [CD]

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The WAY is a punk band from Southern California’s 805 that originally formed in January 2009. The WAY has gained a reputation for very energetic, fast paced shows that grab your attention from the first note hit to the last beat of their set. Their amazing live presence comes through on their debut album "The Fight Is Ours", which is certain to both lift you up with its spiritual presence and knock you down with its monstrous riffs and thunderous chops.

Manny-lead guitar
Harry-rythym guitar

1. The Fight Is Ours
2. Blame Game
3. Never Enough
4. True Friend
5. Walking Dead
6. Inner Demons
7. Elite Media
8. Wrong Way
9. You Don't Know Me
10. Against The Ropes
11. Pressures In Life
12. Painted Salvation