The MOSHKETEERS - The Downward Spiral (Limited Edition Vinyl ) ONLY 85 COPIES!

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THE MOSHEKTEERS - The Downward Spiral (LP)

Key Features

* First Time On Vinyl

* Heavyweight Black Vinyl

* Limited to Only 85 Copies worldwide

* Updated artwork and full color insert by Scott Waters (NLTM) 

* Remastered exclusively for vinyl by Rob Colwell (Bombworks)

* Roxx Records Shop Exclusive


In honor of Record Store Day celebrations going on around the world this week culminating this Saturday with the official 2022 version of Record Store Day we wanted to do something special for the occasion. We’ve been keeping this one pretty hush hush for a while, but it’s time to let the cat out of the bag or the Moshketeer out of the mosh pit!

Going live right now and shipping this week we have in our hands a very small black vinyl pressing of 'The Downward Spiral' by The Moshketeers

Yes we kept this one pretty quiet and we’re going to keep it real exclusive there are only 85 copies available for sale. A strict limit of two per person because we want it to get into the hands of the fans.

Ready Set Go!