The Crucified - Nailed (7" Vinyl)

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Sold Out everywhere this is your last chance. 

This was the third and final pressing! 


35 Gold
35 Vintage White
35 Blue
45 Clear w/Blue, White & Gold Splatter (SOLD OUT)

25 years ago, The Crucified spent a full day at A.I.R. studios in downtown Fresno to record
seven new powerful songs, including the band’s most popular and recognizable tune, Your

“I have always envisioned Nailed being released as a 7-inch.” SALOMON

“I was excited with the new direction of Nailed. The songs were faster, better and more
aggressive (outside of the couple blatant rip-offs).” MINIER

“Mark and I wrote I’m Not a Christian Punk one day during Algebra 2 class. There was a big
“Christian Punk” scene emerging in L.A. with everyone calling themselves “C.P.s”. We thought
it was a little goofy (and I think we were right).” PALMER

“I remember getting orders in the mail from all over the world, long before the Internet!”