The Burial - The Winepress [CD]

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South Bend, IN based The Burial have been making a name for themselves across the midwest and beyond since 2005. After several DIY tours, a release on Sancrosanct Records, and multiple festival appearances, The Burial are poised and ready for solid growth with this Strike First debut. The Winepress , which features 8 tracks of finely executed metal, is sure to gain praise and fans nationwide.

Like all Strike First Records releases, The Winepress is a limited edition, environmentally friendly packaged Digi Pack made out of 95% post consumer recycled cardstock and no PVC plastics.

Track Listing:
1. "Intercessor" 2:04
2. "Demons Never Sleep" 3:55
3. "The Winepress" 3:58
4. "Reconciliation" 3:23
5. "Valley of Descision" 2:43
6. "Delegation of the Seven Plagues" 2:49
7. "Monolith" 4:15
8. "Death, Conquered" 4:19

Total length: 27:26