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Brand New Not Sealed Copy

Very hard to find and we got 2 recently


The most notable difference with "Trust" and "Battle Cries" is the change in lead singers. Out was James Salters and replacing him was drummer Randy Roberts. Also, grunge had wiped out everything related to the 80's hard rock sound of the previous record, so these guys were forced to almost start over from scratch.

Soundwise, "Trust" sounds like a 80's band trying to adapt to the rock world of the middle 90's. It's not quite a grunge record, but The Brave definitely try and update their sound with this album. One saving grave with this album is, the Elefante brothers are still behind the production chair on this one. It goes a long way in making this album listenable and enjoyable. There is a small size of filler on the record, however, there are also some really kickin' tunes as well. My favorites include "Dirty Water", "The River", "Trust", "When Your Alone" and Don't".