THE BLAMED - Reese'n For The Season (2023) CD

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Released a little late for the Christmas season at the end of December, but this is a soon to be Christmas classic. 

Limited printing of only 100 copies of this one, and we got 15 of them. 

Comes with a cool 'Stryperized' The Blamed sticker

Digital Release Date: December 13, 2023

CD release date: Well we got them January 5th, but still killer for your collection, especially at Christmas time! 

Featuring the help of Reese Roper of Five Iron Frenzy and Rocky Gray (Evanescence, Soul Embraced, Living Sacrifice and many more) on a killer rendition of the Stryper Christmas classic 'Reason For The Season'

The Blamed celebrate Christmas the only way they know how. They're Rockin' for the Rock with their cover of Stryper's "Reason For The Season." Reese Roper from Five Iron Frenzy lends his pipes as lead vocalist and Rocky Gray from Living Sacrifice provides a rip-roaring lead solo. Red and green is replaced this Christmas with yellow and black!

"Happy Holidays y'all, here is a fun video and song that is our gift to you, from The Blamed and Five Iron Frenzy. We loved working with Reese on this one. Rocky Gray from Living Sacrifice contributed the solo on this. Love this community and hope you love Stryper as much as most of us do." 


Buy the 4 song CDr EP, "Reese'n For The Season," now while you can

Track Listing

1. Reese'n For The Season

2. Hark

3. Joy

4. Away

Featuring the talents of...

Reese Roper - vocals
Rocky Gray - lead guitar
Jeff Locke - bass, vocals
Honz - guitar, vocals
Jim Chaffin - drums
Sid Duffour - acoustic guitar and vocals
Bryan Gray - guitar