The Band in Black - High Noon [CD]

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This is really cool, not only for One Bad Pig fans and collectors, not only for Johnny Cash fans and collectors, just for straight ahead country rock fans! EXCELLENT new release!

Factory Sealed, and ships with Tracking!

Originally arriving on the Austin, Texas music scene in 2004, as a Johnny Cash cover and tribute band, they quickly evolved into a fully original song band in the vein of Cash, while still covering his songs. The band is made up of members of One Bad Pig (Christian punk thrashers!). The music is outlaw country - with Texas attitude!

Check out the brand new The Band in Black video "City Lights" featuring The Band in Black with: WS "Fluke" Holland, Drummer for Johnny Cash & The Tennessee 3, and Earl Poole Ball Pianist for Johnny Cash. Filmed on Location at The Mean-Eyed Cat Austin, Texas, and the Legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. Produced by Armada Productions (@Curtis Curtis Retherford).

This new release features 12 new songs and was just released in 2016!

Track Listing:
1. City Lights
2. Dancin Days
3. Lovesick, Growing Old
4. Loved by One
5. A Love Made For Two (Johnny and June)
6. We met at high noon
7. I'm goin to Texas
8. Sleepwalk (Lovely)
9. Flat Out Busted
10. There's gonna be a hangin
11. Return with Honor
12. Tomorrow's Bread