TESTIMONY OF APOCALYPSE - None Escape The Judgment (CD) 2022 [FFO Sacrament]

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None Escape The Judgement  by Testimony of Apocalypse

* Release Date: September 2, 2022

* Professionally Replicated Silver Pressed CD

* Premium color 8-panel foldout booklet with lyrics


If you don't recognize the name Testimony of Apocalypse, you should! The band features former members of the mighty thrash band SACRAMENT. The line up features Michael Torone and Paul Graham from the iconic Sacrament. The bands debut full length entitled "None Escape The Judgement" unleashes 10 tracks of crushing metal that serves as an extension of what you came to know and love about the classic thrashers. The wait is finally over and the bands debut release is now shipping! 


Testimony of Apocalypse features: 

Michael Torone - vocals

Nick Pacitti - rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, and keys

Paul Graham - drums


Additional Credits:

Executive producer-Eric Shirey, The Charon Collective

Mastering-Marc Felish, Dominion Mastering

Mixing-Cameron Nealey

Artwork layout and sleeve-Arthur Ramsey

Photography-Anna Graham


Check out the track "Take My Spirit": https://youtu.be/JguhaoqpeAY


 Track Listing: 

1. Unleashed

2. Redemption

3. Lamb of God

4. Truth vs. Lies

5. A Day of Wrath

6. Take My Spirit

7. Majestad

8. Walls

9. We All Shall Rise

10. Blessed Are The Dead


Running Time: 47 minutes